At From Me to You were are often asked to do amazing things and get to meet amazing people.

This weekend we had a double whammy as we performed at Glattonbury, a wonderful event in Glatton, created and hosted by the invincible Ray Jones. Ray discovered us back in January and has been a great supporter ever since. If you are in the music industry you will know Ray - he is an amazing champion and influencer of new music, giving artists a platform to be heard, make connections and, importantly, earn a living.

Glattonbury, with its invited audience, showcases the very best of new music. This weekend we listened to the astonishingly talented Hattie Briggs, Hollie Rogers, Lisa Wright and The White Feather Collective. Ray had expanded this year's Glattonbury to include spoken word performances, and along with us on the line-up was performance poet/rock-star-of-the-moment, Hussian Manawer (mental health campaigner and first UK Muslim to to into space in 2018!). And the diversity didn't end there as we were served cocktails by Tom and Jamie Leatherbarrow who were raising funds to help produce a short film “After The Sea” addressing the subject of young male suicide in memory of a young friend who took his own life.

The Glattonbury audience was eclectic, warm and generous. And while it might not be usual to hear about letters and cancer at a music festival, the From Me to You story was made to feel very welcome; we could have given away twice as many writing kits as we had taken along.

Thank you to Ray and all who attended Glattonbury - it's an event which will stay with us for a very long time.

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