We sometimes hear that people don't want to send a postcard from holiday to a friend with cancer, fearful of 'rubbing their nose in it'.

This is a perfectly understandable reaction but a bright, joyful postcard could be just the thing that's needed.

Your friend knows that they can't go on holiday at the moment but they will not begrudge you yours. However, they will be touched by is the fact that in the middle of your holiday you have spent time, not just thinking of them, but actually writing and posting a card.

Of course your message will be sensitive. One of our writers sent this postcard for Donate A Letter. We've used it as a sample letter to show how easy it is to alleviate social isolation and social anxiety and loneliness.

She talks about the joy of walking her dog, hopes that the anonymous recipient is being well cared for in hospital and lets them know that people are thinking of them. No mention of weather, wonderful hotels or beaches, just a sensitive, kind message.

So please, when you're on holiday this summer, send a postcard to your friend. It really will make a difference.

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