A new or different pen can transform your writing experience. Here Danie Gooch explains how that can happen and where to get the best value-for-money stationery.

The perfect pen can turn your ordinary letter or card into a work of art. The fluidity of the ink is key. A strong line reflects the effort you have put into your writing, showing dedication and the time you put into it.

At this time of year there are plenty of websites and retail stores selling stationery at discounted rates.

Shops such as WHSmiths hold some great offers during the months of July and August in their “Back to School Sale”range. Their regular ball point and biro pens are not value for money but their fountain pens are. Brands such as Parker, Waterman and LAMY are very popular and can be pricey so it’s best to get them when they’re on offer.

The wonderful thing about fountain pens is that they can make your writing ooze sophistication and class, and give it a real feel of professionalism. They can make your notes, writing or letters feel expensive and look as though you have put hours into your work of art. This pretty pink Parker fountain pen is only £7.79 in WHSmiths which is an absolute steal. These pens usually retail for around £11 which is nearly a £4 saving!

Coloured pens are another way to make your mark on a piece of writing. Colour can reflect personality and can turn an ordinary letter into one that is joyful to read.

Gel pens are a brilliant way to brighten up a letter. The bright colours can reflect positivity, not only looking pretty on paper but they also making writing a more exciting experience. Gel pens are a safer form of permanent markers if you buy the good ones. Permanent markers can come across as harsh and can leak through paper which look messy and aren’t recommended for writing.

Coloured text makes a letter more fun to read and exciting to write. Writing thank you letters, for example, can be a chore if you haven’t got a lot of time, but writing them in different colours looks different and allows you to show your personality in the most creative way.

Paper mate gel pens are more expensive than other gel pens but they are worth the money. They are non-streaky; they have a comfortable grip and they do not smudge. This pack of 10 should retail at £27.99 but Ryman’s are selling them for half that price at £13.99.

As well as pens, you can print pictures and signatures onto letters. Rubber stamps and ink pads are a vintage way of signing off or adding a personal touch. They’re tricky to get hold of in retail stores but there are plenty of places online where you can browse a huge variety.

If you’re a budding photographer and wanted to add a personal touch to your business cards, you could use this camera stamp to do so. Hobby Craft have hundreds of rubber stamps of all different patterns, pictures, letters and phrases. They cost £3 each which is very inexpensive but if you buy an ink pad (which cost £2.50 on the website) as well, you’re spending just over £5 to add a personal touch.

Stationery is a wonderful tool to help make your writing experience more enjoyable. Writing doesn’t have to be boring; it can be fun, creative and helps to spread positive messages. If you don’t enjoy writing, go out and buy some new pens and paper and see what a difference it can make.

Danie Gooch is studying Broadcast & Journalism at the University of Bedfordshire and is working with From Me to You during the summer

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