One of the latest Twitter sensations is Tom Jackson's Postcards From The Past,

each postcard telling either the most fabulous piece of flash fiction or gabbling some nonsensical whimsy, depending on your point of view.

Whichever it is, they've got us all following them, and in this article Tom writes about his desire to revive the art of the postcard and gives tips on what makes a good postcard.

Amongst his postcard writing tips, he suggests:

  • Don't labour the weather, unless it's very spectacular - "Since yesterday, a hurricane has been raging and spoiling everything."

  • Tell a story - "The best part was when Mum got stuck in the toilet."

  • Keep it short and sweet - "Only the birds for company."

Read all of Tom's postcard writing tips here

and then go on and revive the art of postcards when you're on holiday this year. Sending them to friend who can't go on holiday this year due to illness needs to be done with sensitivity, but the fact that they are in your thoughts while you are away will mean the world to them.

Postcards from holiday also work for our Donate A Letter campaign and #GiftALetter (click here to find out more). Recently someone wrote about their childhood memories of holidays on their postcard and invited the reader to do the same. Perfect.

It's not about boasting that you're on holiday and their not but it's about having a thought for others and acting on it in a simple way.

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