How Spread The Word is spreading the letter-word!

Spread The Word, London's writing development agency, helps writers to make their mark in the world and have been hugely supportive of our letter-writing venture.

Laura Kenwright, their Communications & Projects Manager, has introduced us to many innovative contacts and influencers who have in turn assisted us in spreading our message.

This week the Spread The Word website features a blog telling the story of the inspiration for From Me to You as well as exploring the impact that letter-writering has on the writer as well as the recipient. Many of our letters are written anonymously and sent to strangers, as part of our Donate A Letter scheme.

One of our writers, Melissa Fu, said of her experience, ‘One of the things that appeals to me about writing to someone I don’t know is that I feel like the letter and message goes to the receiver unconditionally. They don’t have to write back, they don’t have to say nice things if they don’t feel like it, they don’t have to worry about my feelings at all. There is something wonderful about an exchange of good will with no strings attached.’

Read the blog here:

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