Louron was reluctant to attend one of our workshops and write to a stranger. He writes here about his experience:

Writing to a stranger was an interesting experience. Although I’ve written a lot, reviewing gigs, coffee shops, and bars, I’ve never attempted anything similar to this. I was worried about how to start, because I didn’t want to offend the recipient but, on the other hand, I didn’t want to make it too short and generic. I wanted it to be personal and make them laugh. I knew that once I got the first couple words out, then the rest would flow, so I just imagined talking to this person face to face After that it was easy to write and write, and before I knew it I’d run out of space.

It felt as if I’d been at the workshop for 10 minutes, but when looked at the clock it was already time to leave. Before we left a woman across the table asked to read out her piece. The writing was full of passion and personality; a wonderful short, sweet letter. I imagined that I was the recipient and how connected I would feel.

I had been unsure as to whether this workshop would be suited to me, mainly because I have never been close to anyone with cancer. However, I decided to attend because I thought it would be a great chance to support people in a unique way. In such a short space of time, I had learned so much about From Me to You and the people who support it. An experience I will never forget.

Thank you Louron for this honest and inspiring piece.

(Louron is an MA student at Lincoln University)

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