We're delighted to have the Lewis Foundation writing about our Donate A Letter campaign.

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'Recently, on The Lewis Foundation Twitter page I came across From Me To You ( ). Alison and Brian are a team who get people involved in letter writing. When Brian had cancer, Alison would write letters to him. The letters were not to do with cancer but they were ways to brighten up Brian’s day. It could be what Alison was up to, jokes or quotes. Through these letters they built up a solid friendship and gave Brian something to look forward to. Alison and Brian run workshops around the country where people come along and write letters. It doesn’t have to be specifically to someone with cancer, it can be to anyone. They help inspire others to write letters to someone because it is often not easy to know what to write or know where to start. I knew straight away this is something The Lewis Foundation had to connect with. This is something important to the work we do. We want to ensure that people have something to look forward to during treatment, keep people occupied and reduce isolation. This is exactly what both of our organisations are doing.'

Read The Lewis Foundation's blog in full here

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