We're delighted that Bowel Cancer poster-girl Deborah James appreciated receiving a letter from our Donate A Letter campaign.

She writes in her blog here about why letters and cards make a difference:

Because of this difficult unknown road we travel, I’d be lying if I said I was always positive. I cannot thank my family, friends, colleagues and strangers for following my story, reading this blog, reading the Sun-online articles and continuing to support me through the journey. I genuinely couldn’t do it without you. I’m aware that many of you have been writing to me and I have to say that receiving a card really does lift the mood. As I look at letters and emails both long and short, I just feel immensely grateful for the effort that goes into putting pen to paper and thinking of me. I’m sorry if I haven’t responded to all messages yet, but rest assured I’ve read them all and very much appreciate them. I do think writing is something we should all try to take up more. I revived a lovely letter from this organisation and I think it’s a lovely idea. Do check them out.

I suggest we aim to carry our scars with pride, knowing they have built us and not defined us. And try to remain as positive as possible even when our sliding doors story doesn’t slide the way we thought it might. We are of course….

“Braver than we believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think said Christopher Robin to Pooh Bear”

So let’s live life as though we are robust enough to enjoy it forever and appreciate it is precious enough to leave us tomorrow.

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