Running a national campaign like From Me to You is a huge privilege and a huge challenge.

One of the greatest challenges is spreading the word; shouting the message as loud as you can but never being quite sure where it lands.

It is only when we receive communications like the one below, from a Twitter follower in New York, that we know some of our words are landing in the right place.

Dear Alison

Now that I have returned from my whirlwind UK trip and have a little more time, here is a cancer letter that will explain why I was so drawn to your interview on The Modern Mann. Mostly it's because I downloaded the podcast literally two days after I attended a funeral for a dear colleague of over twenty years, who died of a very nasty and fast-moving liver cancer. The fly in the ointment is that she told very few people about her illness, and I was not one of the few. Thought it's often difficult to know what to say to someone with a serious illness, it's even more frustrating not to have the opportunity to say anything at all. This colleague is someone I would have loved opportunity to write letters to, so you can see why Brian's story, and your story too, struck me so deeply. Anyway, do keep up the good work! Yours in admiration.

Gareth Morrell. NY. USA

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