“Would you like to talk at our secular church?”

We were somewhat taken aback by this offer, not at being asked to speak, but because we were curious to know how a ‘secular church’ exists.

In the ensuing conversation we quickly came to understand that Guildford’s Sunday Assembly fulfils a need in the same way that a secular church would. Sunday Assemblies, that happen across the country, allow people to come together, to be part of a community and be inspired.

We were flattered that we had been invited to speak and the Sunday Assembly seemed a perfect match for us. From Me to You provides a way to overcome social isolation, Sunday Assembly does the same.

It was the first time that we had been given the opportunity to tell our story in full, free from the restrictions of radio interviewers’ questions or the limited time slot on a story-tellers stage. The re-telling of our story reminded us of some of the learns of letter writing.

  • The social isolation that cancer can inflict can be as disconnecting for friends and family as much as it is for the cancer sufferer.

  • Believe that letters and cards do make a difference. Read quotes here from those who have received letters while going through their cancer treatments.

  • Cancer and letter writing don’t discriminate by age. In our audience was a lively 10 year old boy who had received a cancer diagnosis at 2 and a liver transplant at 6. While in hospital his classmates had showered him with letters which had plastered the walls. He remembered them with great pride.

  • Letter writing, as a way of connecting with a sick friend, is not limited only to those suffering from cancer. Writing to a friend with any long term or debilitating illness can be healing.

  • Receiving letters may not suit everyone – ask permission before you embark, and respect your friend’s privacy.

  • That first line or paragraph can be tricky but once written, the rest will flow. Get some tips here.

Thank you Guildford Sunday Assembly for inviting us to speak. It was a real pleasure.

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