From Me to You co-founder Brian Greenley tells us, here in a blog for the wonderful cancer charity Macmillan At Work, how his voluntary work for MacMillan dovetails so well with everything he wants to achieve at From Me to You.

"With cancer impacting more and more people, everyone now seems to know someone who either has cancer or whose life is in some way affected. The voluntary work I do for Macmillan raises awareness of the challenges that many face in the workplace when they or their families are dealing with the illness. It provides education on how to be properly protected against unfair treatment and helps HR and line managers better understand how to react when one of their team is affected. The ever increasing number of organisations signing up to Macmillan at Work demonstrates the huge difference that this initiative is making, and I for one am proud to play my part."

Read all of Brian's guest blog on the Macmillan At Work LinkedIn page here

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