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December 7, 2016

This week I have received 3 Christmas cards, although none of them through my letter box. And not actually cards, but instead e-mails telling me that this year my friends will be donating their Christmas card money to various charities. My lack of card means that a homeless person will get a turkey dinner, a Syrian child will receive medical support and an abandoned reindeer will get a bucketful of carrots (really?!!).

I don’t mind.

 I don’t need a card and their needs are greater than mine.

I might even follow their example and donate my Christmas card money to charity; it’s easier than writing and posting cards and I’ll feel good about myself.


But I’m not sure I’d be feeling so generous if I was ill. If I was at home, cancer casting a shadow over my Christmas,  I’m sure I’d hope that my friends would take the time to send me a card, take time to wish me a happy Christmas, say they’re thinking of me, ask if mince pies are served in the chemo ward.


This week Macmillan issued a report saying that 400,000 people suffering from cancer will face loneliness this Christmas. Don’t let that be your friend or family member; let them know that they’re in your heart and loved.


So what’s it going to take?


The cost of a stamp – 64p 1st class, 55p 2nd class


Date of last post – 21st December 1st class, 20th December 2nd class


Buy a card –  if you buy a charity card you’re doing double good


If it’s the only card you post this year, then know that you have made a difference to someone dear to you  (other than the one you have to send to your Gran who has no time for these new fangled charity donations and still strings her cards across the sitting room wall along a tightrope of string).


Go on - send that card.



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