We always hope that after people have joined us at one of our workshops, overcome their fears and hesitations and been encouraged to write, they will then get their letters into the post box (if they haven’t left them with us to post).

It gives us a warm glow inside when we’re sent messages from writers and receivers telling us about the impact the letters and cards have had.

Here are a few of those messages:

Hi, Loving the From Me To You website. I received a kind letter from Sharon after your workshop - made my day to get a hand-written note. It's a great project.


Hey there. I just got an absolutely lovely letter (an actual written letter in 2016) from my friend Yvonne. Incredibly kind! It challenges even my cynicism and misanthropic views.


Hi From Me to You, thanks for last night, it set me thinking and I have decided to enlist a group of friends in to writing letters for our friend who is currently chronically ill. It's not cancer but I know she has suicidal thoughts and I know that the low last time went on for 5 months (!) and it's hard to get her to agree to see us so your workshop really made me think that we should all be writing to her. I'm sending them the message now so thanks for making that happen. Will keep and eye on the project, I am inspired :) x


Just seen Facebook post from last night’s event. How exciting. The difference you could make to so many people through this venture. Well done you 2. Amazing. If it is something at some point and you want help raise awareness for children suffering with cancer let me know- my school will join you. We had pupil last year beat cancer but have sadly lost parents too. Great idea and a perfect joint focus for you both.


Thank you for sharing your experiences with us – it means a lot.

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