These stayed on my shelves for 9 months of treatment... imagine the dust! They only came down when I finished active treatment and was ready to move on, taking them down was very symbolic. I love the images, messages, sentiments and words, they really gave me strength.

(Leonie )

Receiving little packages from my friends and family in the post are a wonderful and welcomed distraction during the hard journey of cancer treatment. I eagerly open up the packages, which are like mini birthday presents that arrive unexpectedly amongst the junk mail, and get excited seeing who it is from, reading their warm and loving, and often funny, words of encouragement, and delving into the little surprises that await inside. And whoever thought of monthly coffee and chocolate deliveries is a genius.


It only takes a few moments to write a note and post it. But it can bring so much joy.


You have no idea how much your cards brighten my day and how much I appreciate them. But I guess you do, which is why you send them.


Sometimes, especially when you have just been diagnosed, talking is difficult - this is where letters/e-mails/texts can be so brilliant. It's a really good way of keeping in touch when energy levels are low and emotions are running high (that said, I do appreciate it when people pick up the phone or come and visit).


The thought that someone takes the time to write to me just makes me feel loved that day.


I found my friends were the same, the first interaction was the hardest and when they realised I was the same person they were so relieved and knew how to speak to me after that. The cards/ letters came from some bizarre long lost places and those closest to me. As well as the message and sentiment the image on the card was very important, my favourites were those that showed friendship, solidarity and images of beauty to remind of what is amazing about life.


How incredible that a letter from a friend can change my mood and day.


A letter from an old friend and suddenly I am not alone.


One of my writing friends sends me a weekly 'round up' of her week. She includes funny stories - like the time she got wedged in the dodgems/fell down the stairs at work but managed to save her bagel (you get the picture), but also photos and video clips (e.g. her singing along at a Rick Astley concert). Yes, she asks how I am - but it's mainly about making me smile and I really appreciate that. I really look forward to her being in touch. In fact, the regularity of her communication is one of the nicest things - it's become part of my routine.


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