Sign up for your free Big Letter Write kit and get your friends together to write letters. Every letter will brighten the day of a cancer patient in hospital.

This October, we’re asking you to get your group together – perhaps work colleagues, a book group, your running club or just a group of friends – and write letters.

We want your Big Letter Write to be fun, so make sure that as well as writing letters, you enjoy a chat, have a drink and share some food.
In your Big Letter Write kit, we give letter prompts, sample letters and stationery as well as a guide on how to hold your event.


You can write letters, cards or postcards – or all three! And please do get kids involved writing letters and drawing pictures.

When your letters are written, package them up and send them to: Donate A Letter, PO Box 71038, London W4 9HD. We’ll get them delivered to people who will really appreciate them.

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“Would it be selfish of me to ask for some more letters? I appreciate there are lots of people in worse situations but it was so lovely to receive my letter.”

– Fiona, letter recipient

“Holding a Big Letter Write is great fun – we chatted, wrote letters and laughed a lot. Afterwards, when we packaged up our letters we really felt we’d achieved something worthwhile. Such a simple way to make a big difference.”

– Claire, Big Letter Write host

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